Document.ContentControlOnExit event (Word)

Occurs when a user leaves a content control.


expression.ContentControlOnExit'(ContentControl**, Cancel)

expression An expression that returns a Document object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
ContentControl Required ContentControl The content control that the user is leaving.
Cancel Required Boolean Specifies whether to cancel the event. True cancels the event and does not allow the user to leave the control.



This event fires only for the content control that you exit and not for parent content controls. For example, if you have a text box content control nested inside a group content control, and you move the cursor from inside the text box content control and into another place in the document, this event fires only once for the text box content control; it does not fire for the parent group content control.

For information about using events with the Document object, see Using events with the Document object.

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