Documents.Add method (Word)

Returns a Document object that represents a new, empty document added to the collection of open documents.


expression.Add (Template, NewTemplate, DocumentType, Visible)

expression Required. A variable that represents a Documents object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Template Optional Variant The name of the template to be used for the new document. If this argument is omitted, the Normal template is used.
NewTemplate Optional Variant True to open the document as a template. The default value is False.
DocumentType Optional Variant Can be one of the following WdNewDocumentType constants: wdNewBlankDocument, wdNewEmailMessage, wdNewFrameset, or wdNewWebPage. The default constant is wdNewBlankDocument.
Visible Optional Variant True to open the document in a visible window. If this value is False, Microsoft Word opens the document but sets the Visible property of the document window to False. The default value is True.

Return value



This example creates a new document based on the Normal template.


This example creates a new document based on the Professional Memo template.

Documents.Add Template:="C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office" _ 
 & "\Templates\Memos\Professional"

This example creates and opens a new template, using the template attached to the active document as a model.

tmpName = ActiveDocument.AttachedTemplate.FullName 
Documents.Add Template:=tmpName, NewTemplate:=True

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