WdOMathFunctionType enumeration (Word)

Specifies the type of equation function.

Name Value Description
wdOMathFunctionAcc 1 Equation accent mark.
wdOMathFunctionBar 2 Equation fraction bar.
wdOMathFunctionBorderBox 4 Border box.
wdOMathFunctionBox 3 Box.
wdOMathFunctionDelim 5 Equation delimiters.
wdOMathFunctionEqArray 6 Equation array.
wdOMathFunctionFrac 7 Equation fraction.
wdOMathFunctionFunc 8 Equation function.
wdOMathFunctionGroupChar 9 Group character.
wdOMathFunctionLimLow 10 Equation lower limit.
wdOMathFunctionLimUpp 11 Equation upper limit.
wdOMathFunctionMat 12 Equation matrix.
wdOMathFunctionNary 13 Equation N-ary operator.
wdOMathFunctionNormalText 21 Equation normal text.
wdOMathFunctionPhantom 14 Equation phantom.
wdOMathFunctionRad 16 Equation base expression.
wdOMathFunctionScrPre 15 Scr pre.
wdOMathFunctionScrSub 17 Scr. sub.
wdOMathFunctionScrSubSup 18 Scr. sub sup.
wdOMathFunctionScrSup 19 Scr sup.
wdOMathFunctionText 20 Equation text.

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