WdRecoveryType enumeration (Word)

Specifies the formatting to use when pasting the selected table cells.

Name Value Description
wdChart 14 Pastes a Microsoft Office Excel chart as an embedded OLE object.
wdChartLinked 15 Pastes an Excel chart and links it to the original Excel spreadsheet.
wdChartPicture 13 Pastes an Excel chart as a picture.
wdFormatOriginalFormatting 16 Preserves original formatting of the pasted material.
wdFormatPlainText 22 Pastes as plain, unformatted text.
wdFormatSurroundingFormattingWithEmphasis 20 Matches the formatting of the pasted text to the formatting of surrounding text.
wdListCombineWithExistingList 24 Merges a pasted list with neighboring lists.
wdListContinueNumbering 7 Continues numbering of a pasted list from the list in the document.
wdListDontMerge 25 Not supported.
wdListRestartNumbering 8 Restarts numbering of a pasted list.
wdPasteDefault 0 Not supported.
wdSingleCellTable 6 Pastes a single cell table as a separate table.
wdSingleCellText 5 Pastes a single cell as text.
wdTableAppendTable 10 Merges pasted cells into an existing table by inserting the pasted rows between the selected rows.
wdTableInsertAsRows 11 Inserts a pasted table as rows between two rows in the target table.
wdTableOriginalFormatting 12 Pastes an appended table without merging table styles.
wdTableOverwriteCells 23 Pastes table cells and overwrites existing table cells.
wdUseDestinationStylesRecovery 19 Uses the styles that are in use in the destination document.

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