WdUnits enumeration (Word)

Specifies a unit of measure to use.

Name Value Description
wdCell 12 A cell.
wdCharacter 1 A character.
wdCharacterFormatting 13 Character formatting.
wdColumn 9 A column.
wdItem 16 The selected item.
wdLine 5 A line.
wdParagraph 4 A paragraph.
wdParagraphFormatting 14 Paragraph formatting.
wdRow 10 A row.
wdScreen 7 The screen dimensions.
wdSection 8 A section.
wdSentence 3 A sentence.
wdStory 6 A story.
wdTable 15 A table.
wdWindow 11 A window.
wdWord 2 A word.

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