DataObject object

A holding area for formatted text data used in transfer operations. Also holds a list of formats corresponding to the pieces of text stored in the DataObject.


A DataObject can contain one piece of text for the Clipboard text format, and one piece of text for each additional text format, such as custom and user-defined formats.

A DataObject is distinct from the Clipboard. A DataObject supports commands that involve the Clipboard and drag-and-drop actions for text. When you start an operation involving the Clipboard (such as GetText) or a drag-and-drop operation, the data involved in that operation is moved to a DataObject.

The DataObject works like the Clipboard. If you copy a text string to a DataObject, the DataObject stores the text string. If you copy a second string of the same format to the DataObject, the DataObject discards the first text string and stores a copy of the second string. It stores one piece of text of a specified format and keeps the text from the most recent operation.

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