FreeFile function

Returns an Integer representing the next file number available for use by the Open statement.


FreeFile [ (rangenumber) ]

The optional rangenumber argument is a Variant that specifies the range from which the next free file number is to be returned. Specify a 0 (default) to return a file number in the range 1–255, inclusive. Specify a 1 to return a file number in the range 256–511.


Use FreeFile to supply a file number that is not already in use.


This example uses the FreeFile function to return the next available file number. Five files are opened for output within the loop, and some sample data is written to each.

Dim MyIndex, FileNumber
For MyIndex = 1 To 5    ' Loop 5 times.
    FileNumber = FreeFile    ' Get unused file
        ' number.
    Open "TEST" & MyIndex For Output As #FileNumber    ' Create file name.
    Write #FileNumber, "This is a sample."    ' Output text.
    Close #FileNumber    ' Close file.
Next MyIndex

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