GroupName property

Creates a group of mutually exclusive OptionButton controls.


object.GroupName [= String ]

The GroupName property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object Required. A valid OptionButton.
String Optional. The name of the group that includes the OptionButton. Use the same setting for all buttons in the group. The default setting is an empty string.


To create a group of mutually exclusive OptionButton controls, you can put the buttons in a Frame on your form, or you can use the GroupName property. GroupName is more efficient for the following reasons:

  • You don't have to include a Frame for each group. By not using a Frame, you reduce the number of controls on the form, and in turn, improve performance and reduce the size of the form.

  • You have more design flexibility. If you use a Frame to create the group, all the buttons must be inside the Frame. If you want more than one group, you must have one Frame for each group. However, if you use GroupName to create the group, the group can include option buttons anywhere on the form. If you want more than one group, specify a unique name for each group; you can still place the individual controls anywhere on the form.

  • You can create buttons with transparent backgrounds, which can improve the visual appearance of your form. The Frame is not a transparent control.

Regardless of which method you use to create the group of buttons, clicking one button in a group sets all other buttons in the same group to False. All option buttons with the same GroupName within a single container are mutually exclusive. Use the same group name in two containers, but doing so creates two groups (one in each container) rather than one group that includes both containers.

For example, assume your form includes some option buttons and a MultiPage that also includes option buttons. The option buttons on the MultiPage are one group, and the buttons on the form are another group. The two groups don't affect each other. Changing the setting of a button on the MultiPage does not affect the buttons on the form.

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