Line Input # statement

Reads a single line from an open sequential file and assigns it to a String variable.


Line Input #filenumber, varname

The Line Input # statement syntax has these parts:

Part Description
filenumber Required. Any valid file number.
varname Required. Valid Variant or String variable name.


Data read with Line Input # is usually written from a file with Print #.

The Line Input # statement reads from a file one character at a time until it encounters a carriage return (Chr(13)) or carriage return-linefeed (Chr(13) + Chr(10)) sequence. Carriage return-linefeed sequences are skipped rather than appended to the character string.


This example uses the Line Input # statement to read a line from a sequential file and assign it to a variable. This example assumes that TESTFILE is a text file with a few lines of sample data.

Dim TextLine 
Open "TESTFILE" For Input As #1 ' Open file. 
Do While Not EOF(1) ' Loop until end of file. 
 Line Input #1, TextLine ' Read line into variable. 
 Debug.Print TextLine ' Print to the Immediate window. 
Close #1 ' Close file. 

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