MatchFound, MatchRequired properties, Change event, CheckBox control example

The following example uses the MatchFound and MatchRequired properties to demonstrate additional character matching for ComboBox. The matching verification occurs in the Change event.

In this example, the user specifies whether the text portion of a ComboBox must match one of the listed items in the ComboBox. The user can specify whether matching is required by using a CheckBox, and then type into the ComboBox to specify an item from its list.

To use this example, copy this sample code to the Declarations portion of a form. Make sure that the form contains:

  • A ComboBox named ComboBox1.
  • A CheckBox named CheckBox1.
Private Sub CheckBox1_Click() 
 If CheckBox1.Value = True Then 
 ComboBox1.MatchRequired = True 
 MsgBox "To move the focus from the " _ 
 & "ComboBox, you must match an entry in " _ 
 & "the list or press ESC." 
 ComboBox1.MatchRequired = False 
 MsgBox " To move the focus from the " _ 
 & "ComboBox, just tab to or click " _ 
 & "another control. Matching is optional." 
 End If 
End Sub 
Private Sub ComboBox1_Change() 
 If ComboBox1.MatchRequired = True Then 
 'MSForms handles this case automatically 
 If ComboBox1.MatchFound = True Then 
 MsgBox "Match Found; matching optional." 
 MsgBox "Match not Found; matching " _ 
 & "optional." 
 End If 
 End If 
End Sub 
Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() 
Dim i As Integer 
For i = 1 To 9 
 ComboBox1.AddItem "Choice " & i 
Next i 
ComboBox1.AddItem "Chocoholic" 
CheckBox1.Caption = "MatchRequired" 
CheckBox1.Value = True 
End Sub

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