Remove method

Removes a key/item pair from a Dictionary object.


object.Remove (key)

The Remove method syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object Required. Always the name of a Dictionary object.
key Required. Key associated with the key/item pair that you want to remove from the Dictionary object.


An error occurs if the specified key/item pair does not exist.

The following code illustrates use of the Remove method.

Public Sub Start()

    Dim d As Object
    Set d = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
    d.Add "a", "Athens"
    d.Add "b", "Belgrade"
    d.Add "c", "Cairo"
    Debug.Print "Keys, before using Remove."
    PrintKeys d
    d.Remove "b"
    Debug.Print "Keys, after removing key 'b'."
    PrintKeys d

End Sub

Private Sub PrintKeys(ByVal d As Object)
    Dim k As Variant
    For Each k In d.Keys
        Debug.Print k
    Next k
End Sub

' The example displays the following output:
' Keys, before using Remove.
' a
' b
' c
' Keys, after removing key 'b'.
' a
' c

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