Remove method (VBA)

Removes a member from a Collection object.


object.Remove (index)

The Remove method syntax has the following object qualifier and part:

Part Description
object Required. An object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.
index Required. An expression that specifies the position of a member of the collection. If a numeric expression, index must be a number from 1 to the value of the collection's Count property. If a string expression, index must correspond to the key argument specified when the member referred to was added to the collection.


If the value provided as index doesn't match an existing member of the collection, an error occurs.


This example illustrates the use of the Remove method to remove objects from a Collection object, MyClasses. This code removes the object whose index is 1 on each iteration of the loop.

Dim Num, MyClasses
For Num = 1 To MyClasses.Count    
    MyClasses.Remove 1    ' Remove the first object each time
            ' through the loop until there are 
            ' no objects left in the collection.
Next Num

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