Differentiate between Office for Mac versions at compile time

Use a version conditional to differentiate between Office for Mac 2011 and Office 2016 for Mac.

Applies to: Excel for Mac | PowerPoint for Mac | Word for Mac | Office 2016 for Mac | Office for Mac 2011

Office 2016 for Mac supports commands such as GrantAccessToMultipleFiles and AppleScriptTask that are not supported in other versions of Office. If your solution targets multiple versions of Office, we recommend that you use conditional compilation.

Use MAC_OFFICE_VERSION to determine which version of VBA the user is running. The following example shows how to use it in your code.

    Sub VersionConditionals()

    #If MAC_OFFICE_VERSION >= 15 Then
      Debug.Print "We are running on Mac 15+"
      Debug.Print "We are not running on Mac 15+"
    #End If
    #If Mac Then
      Debug.Print "We are running on a Mac"
      Debug.Print "We are not running on a Mac"
    #End If
    End Sub

Note: The "#If Mac" conditional is the same in Office for Mac 2011.

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