Obtain the Email Address of a Recipient

This topic shows how to obtain the SMTP address for each recipient in a Recipients collection.

The method in the code sample, GetSMTPAddressForRecipients, takes a MailItem as an input argument and then displays the SMTP address of each recipient for that mail item. The method first retrieves the Recipients collection that represents the set of recipients specified for the mail item. For each Recipient in that Recipients collection, the method then obtains the PropertyAccessor object that corresponds to that Recipient object, and uses the PropertyAccessor to get the value of the MAPI property https://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0x39FE001E, that maps to the SMTP address of the recipient.

This topic contains two code samples. The following code sample is written in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Sub GetSMTPAddressForRecipients(mail As Outlook.MailItem) 
    Dim recips As Outlook.Recipients 
    Dim recip As Outlook.Recipient 
    Dim pa As Outlook.PropertyAccessor 
    Const PR_SMTP_ADDRESS As String = _ 
    Set recips = mail.Recipients 
    For Each recip In recips 
        Set pa = recip.PropertyAccessor 
        Debug.Print recip.name & " SMTP=" _ 
           & pa.GetProperty(PR_SMTP_ADDRESS) 
End Sub

The following managed code is written in C#. To run a .NET Framework managed code sample that needs to call into a Component Object Model (COM), you must use an interop assembly that defines and maps managed interfaces to the COM objects in the object model type library. For Outlook, you can use Visual Studio and the Outlook Primary Interop Assembly (PIA). Before you run managed code samples for Outlook 2013, ensure that you have installed the Outlook 2013 PIA and have added a reference to the Microsoft Outlook 15.0 Object Library component in Visual Studio. You should use the following code in the ThisAddIn class of an Outlook add-in (using Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio). The Application object in the code must be a trusted Outlook Application object provided by ThisAddIn.Globals. For more information about using the Outlook PIA to develop managed Outlook solutions, see the Welcome to the Outlook Primary Interop Assembly Reference on MSDN.

private void GetSMTPAddressForRecipients(Outlook.MailItem mail) 
    const string PR_SMTP_ADDRESS = 
    Outlook.Recipients recips = mail.Recipients; 
    foreach (Outlook.Recipient recip in recips) 
        Outlook.PropertyAccessor pa = recip.PropertyAccessor; 
        string smtpAddress = 
        Debug.WriteLine(recip.Name + " SMTP=" + smtpAddress); 

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