Protected Properties and Methods

This topic lists the properties and methods in the Outlook object model that are protected by the Object Model Guard. If untrusted code performs a get on these properties or uses these methods, under default conditions for how Outlook is set up, it will invoke a security warning. The user will then have to verify and respond to the warning in order to proceed.

There are three security prompts that an untrusted application can possibly invoke, depending on the protected property or method that the application uses:

  • The address book warning. This is the most common of the three security prompts. Unless marked otherwise, the properties and methods in the table below generate the address book warning.

  • The execute action warning. Properties and methods superscripted by 1 in the table below denote that they generate the execute action warning.

  • The send message warning. Properties and methods superscripted by 2 in the table below denote that they generate the send message warning.

For more information on security warnings, see Outlook Object Model Security Prompts.

Object Protected Properties Protected Methods
Account CurrentUser, SmtpAddress GetAddressEntryFromID, GetRecipientFromID
Action Execute1
AddressEntries Add, GetFirst, GetLast, GetNext, GetPrevious, Item
AddressEntry Address, ID, Manager, Members, Parent, PropertyAccessor GetExchangeDistributionList, GetExchangeUser, Update
AddressList AddressEntries, ID, PropertyAccessor
AddressLists Item
AppointmentItem Body, OptionalAttendees, Organizer, PropertyAccessor, RequiredAttendees, Resources, RTFBody Respond2, SaveAs, Send2
Attachment PropertyAccessor
CalendarSharing SaveAsICal
Columns Add
ContactItem Body, Email1Address, Email1AddressType, Email1DisplayName, Email1EntryID, Email2Address, Email2AddressType, Email2DisplayName, Email2EntryID, Email3Address, Email3AddressType, Email3DisplayName, Email3EntryID, IMAddress, NetMeetingAlias, PropertyAccessor, ReferredBy, RTFBody SaveAs
DistListItem Body, PropertyAccessor, RTFBody GetMember, SaveAs
DocumentItem Body, PropertyAccessor
ExchangeDistributionList Address, Alias, ID, Parent, PrimarySmtpAddress, PropertyAccessor GetExchangeDistributionList, GetExchangeUser, GetMemberOfList, GetExchangeDistributionListMembers, GetOwners, Update
ExchangeUser Address, Alias, ID, Parent, PrimarySmtpAddress, PropertyAccessor GetDirectReports, GetExchangeDistributionList, GetExchangeUser, GetExchangeUserManager, GetMemberOfList, Update
Folder GetCalendarExporter, PropertyAccessor
Inspector HTMLEditor, WordEditor
ItemProperties Any protected property for an item
JournalItem Body, ContactNames, PropertyAccessor SaveAs
MailItem Bcc, Body, Cc, HTMLBody, PropertyAccessor, ReceivedByName, ReceivedOnBehalfOfName, Recipients, ReplyRecipientNames, RTFBody, Sender, SenderEmailAddress, SenderEmailType, SenderName, SentOnBehalfOfName, To SaveAs, Send2
MeetingItem Body, PropertyAccessor, Recipients, RTFBody, SenderName SaveAs
MobileItem Body, HTMLBody, PropertyAccessor, ReceivedByName, Recipients, ReplyRecipientNames, SenderEmailAddress, SenderEmailType, SenderName, SMILBody, To SaveAs, Send2
NameSpace CurrentUser, SelectNamesDialog GetAddressEntryFromID, GetRecipientFromID
NoteItem Body, PropertyAccessor
PostItem Body, HTMLBody, PropertyAccessor, RTFBody, SenderName SaveAs
Recipient Any property Any method
Recipients Any property Any method
RemoteItem Body, PropertyAccessor
ReportItem Body, PropertyAccessor
SelectNamesDialog Recipients
SharingItem Bcc, Body, Cc, HTMLBody, PropertyAccessor, ReceivedByName, ReceivedOnBehalfOfName, ReplyRecipientNames, RTFBody, SenderEmailAddress, SenderEmailType, SenderName, SendOnBehalfOfName, To Allow, SaveAs, Send2
StorageItem Body, PropertyAccessor
Store PropertyAccessor
TaskItem Body, ContactNames, Contacts, Delegator, Owner, PropertyAccessor, RTFBody, StatusOnCompletionRecipients, StatusUpdateRecipients SaveAs, Send2
TaskRequestAcceptItem Body, PropertyAccessor, RTFBody
TaskRequestDeclineItem Body, PropertyAccessor, RTFBody
TaskRequestItem Body, PropertyAccessor, RTFBody
TaskRequestUpdateItem Body, PropertyAccessor, RTFBody
UserProperties Find
UserProperty Formula


UserProperties.Find is protected if the property being requested is one of the built-in properties that contains address information. If you ask for a custom property or a property like Subject that doesn't contain address information, a prompt will not be displayed.

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