Finding your Champions

It is likely you already know who your champions are, even if you do not currently have a formal program. These are people who:

Are often seen helping others with existing technology Enjoy teaching and learning about new technology May be vocal about the limitations of current solutions Are keen to try new things, even before other co-workers


Champions are different from people who enjoy testing new software for the technology alone. Champions thrive on helping others regardless of context.

Start small and grow

If your organization does not have a current Champion program or you would like to reinvigorate the one you have send an invitation to a small group of known people who fit the above profile. Gather then together to discuss the goals of the new program and get their feedback. True Champions like to have their voice heard and feel as if they are a part of creating something.

Provide structure

Successful champion programs have a leader and a regular schedule to meet and discuss current issues. Monthly meetings at a minimum are an important part of creating a positive culture in the community and fostering growth.

You can also use Microsoft Teams to create a hub for your Teamwork Champions' program. An example for that team structure can be found in this article.

teamwork champion team tabs