Feedback and support

Microsoft 365 learning pathways is an open source project that's supported through an online issues list on GitHub. The Microsoft 365 learning pathways solution is not covered by any existing Microsoft support contract.

Report Issues

If you have issues with the open source site template or webpart that delivers the Microsoft 365 learning pathways experience, please enter your issue in our GitHub issues list. You can find this list at

As is standard with open source solutions, the community triages these issues for resolution. Feature requests are transferred into our User Voice instance noted below. Code bugs are escalated to the community and service managers for triage and resolution.

Provide us feedback

Our solution is only a success if it is enabling your business outcomes. Please help us to make it better by giving us regular feedback through UserVoice. We regularly review all your comments and questions.

Usage Questions

For questions about best practices in using the Microsoft 365 learning pathes, join us on the Driving Adoption forums on the Microsoft Technical Community at