SharePoint limits

Learn about the service limits in SharePoint for Microsoft 365.

Limits by plan

Feature Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, Business Premium, Teams Essentials (MSA and Microsoft Entra ID)7 Microsoft 365 A3, E3, G3 & A5, E5, G5
Office 365 A3, E3, G3 & A5, E5, G5
Office 365 A1, E1, G1
SharePoint Plan 1 or 2
Teams Enterprise, Teams EEA
Microsoft 365 F1 or F3, Office 365 F3
Total storage per organization1, 2, 5, 9
1 TB plus 10 GB per license purchased3
1 TB plus 10 GB per license purchased3
1 TB3
Max storage per site (site collection)4
25 TB
25 TB
25 TB
Sites (site collections) per organization
2 million5
2 million5
2 million
Number of licensed users8
Up to 300
1- 500,0006
1- 500,0006

1 Learn how to find the total and available storage for your organization. You can purchase an unlimited amount of more SharePoint storage. See Add storage space for your subscription.
2 We recommend monitoring the sites Recycle Bin and emptying it regularly. The storage space it uses is part of the organization's total storage limit.
3 If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription and an Office 365 Extra File Storage add-on, the storage amounts are added.
4 This is the storage limit for a single site (previously called "site collection"), not the amount of storage provided for each site. This limit applies to all types of sites, including Microsoft 365 group-connected team sites, Communication sites, and OneDrive. SharePoint admins can manually set lower storage limits. If a site collection reaches 25 TB, it goes into Read-Only mode until items are deleted from the site including the sites Recycle Bins.
5 Not including the OneDrive created for each licensed user.
6 If you have more than 500,000 users, contact a Microsoft representative.
7 Microsoft Teams Essentials: 10-GB storage is available per user. For more information regarding Teams Essentials (compared with Microsoft 365 Business Basics), see Microsoft Teams Essentials QuickStart guide for small businesses - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs
8 External users don't count against this limit. See External sharing overview.
9 Storage allocations in Education tenants might be limited. Please see Office 365 Education service description for details.

Service limits for all plans

File size and file path length

  • 250 GB - File upload limit. Applies to each individual file uploaded to Microsoft Teams Files tab, SharePoint document libraries, OneDrive folders, and Viva Engage conversations.

  • 250 MB - File attached to a list item. Applies to Microsoft Lists and SharePoint lists - both based on same lists platform.

  • The entire decoded file path, including the file name, can't contain more than 400 characters for OneDrive, OneDrive for work or school and SharePoint in Microsoft 365. The limit applies to the combination of the folder path and file name after decoding. For more information, go to File name and path lengths.

To learn more about restrictions and limits when using the new OneDrive sync app (OneDrive.exe), see Invalid file names and file types.

Items in lists and libraries

A list can have up to 30 million items and a library can have up to 30 million files and folders. When a list, library, or folder contains more than 100,000 items, you can't break permissions inheritance on the list, library, or folder. You also can't reinherit permissions on it. However, you can still break inheritance on the individual items within that list, library, or folder, up to the maximum number of unique permissions in the list or library (see the next section). To learn more about other restrictions for viewing large lists, see Manage large lists and libraries in Office 365.

Lists and libraries

2,000 lists and libraries combined per site collection (including main site and any subsites).


2,000 per site (site collection). We recommend creating sites and organizing them into hubs instead of creating subsites. If you do use subsites, we recommend limiting their number (especially on heavily trafficked sites). In addition, all navigation types (site, hub, global, and footer) are limited to 500 child links at each level. Extra nodes added after the limit has been reached will receive an error.


Your organization is limited to 2,000 hub sites. You might not need a hub site for every function and it's important to do some planning before you create hubs. For more information, see Planning your SharePoint hub sites.


2 million per site collection.


There is no distinct limit to the number of guests you can invite to SharePoint sites. For more information about external sharing, see External sharing overview.

SharePoint groups

A user can belong to 5,000 groups per site (site collection), and each group can have up to 5,000 users. You can have up to 10,000 groups per site (site collection).


For Microsoft Entra group limits, see Microsoft Entra service limits and restrictions as such limits can impact public and private group sites membership management.

Unique security scopes per list or library

The supported limit of unique permissions for items in a list or library is 50,000. However, the recommended general limit is 5,000.


50,000 major versions and 511 minor versions.

SharePoint hosted applications

20,000 instances per organization.

SharePoint workflow

SharePoint 2013 workflows can run in perpetuity by design if there's no end condition or explicit stop action.

Managed metadata

1 million total terms, having a total of 2 million term labels and 1 million term properties (these limits are for global & site-level terms combined). 1,000 global term sets and 1,000 global groups.

Recommendation is to have at maximum of 50 Terms as Default on MMD Column. While it can be observed that the form allows more than 50 Terms to be set as default and also tags them against new list item or document, it isn't guaranteed that downstream experiences (like Search) to work if more than the recommended limit is configured.

Overall site metadata

1000 GB per site (metadata rarely reaches this size).

Hold limits

Holds include eDiscovery case holds and Microsoft 365 retention policies for SharePoint and OneDrive. These count towards the 10,000 per tenant maximum for compliancy policies that also include policies for Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention, Microsoft Purview Information Barriers, and sensitivity labels.

Maximum number of holds supported:

  • SharePoint or OneDrive (all sites automatically included): 13
  • SharePoint or OneDrive (specific locations included or excluded): 2,600


  • For optimum performance, we recommend syncing no more than 300,000 files in a single OneDrive or team site library.
  • Additionally, relevant to OneDrive Sync, the same performance issues can occur if you have 300,000 items or more across all libraries you're syncing, even if you aren't syncing all items in those libraries. The 300K file “soft” limit for OneDrive Sync also applies to shortcut folders. For more information, see Restrictions and limitations in OneDrive and SharePoint (

Moving and copying across sites

Copying/Moving multiple files in a single operation has three requirements:

  • No more than 100-GB total file size.
  • No more than 30,000 files.
  • File size limits:
    • 2 GB limit for OneNote files.
    • 15 GB file size limit for cross-geo copy or move.

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