Workplace Analytics service description

Viva announcement.

Microsoft Workplace Analytics provides rich, actionable insights into your organization's communication and collaboration trends to help you make more effective business decisions.

Transform unprecedented insights into action

  • Address collaboration overload
  • Break down org silos
  • Up-level manager practices
  • Accelerate acquisitions
  • Root out process inefficiencies
  • Drive sales productivity
  • Transform employee experience
  • Workspace planning

Gain objective, actionable insights

See how your organization spends time and collaborates internally and externally with unprecedented insights from Office 365. Workplace Analytics gives business leaders dozens of actionable behavioral metrics about time and networks to inform a variety of strategic decisions, including teaming models, resource allocation, and workspace planning.

Drive organizational change with data

Workplace Analytics provides a rich set of objective data to make better business decisions. Guided exploration dashboards highlight potential problem areas, while flexible queries answer targeted business questions about hiring strategies, new organizational structures, and business programs. Augment data with business outcome information to establish best practices, predictive models, and benchmarks. Introduce change initiatives based on behavioral data and measure the success of programs over time. Contact your Microsoft Customer Service representative to learn more about available consulting services that you can use to quantify business challenges and implement change.

Privacy and compliance designed for you

Workplace Analytics provides privacy controls to meet your needs and compliance to protect your data. Customers decide which populations to analyze and maintain control over data aggregation and de-identification standards. Workplace Analytics only analyzes Microsoft metadata. Data viewability and aggregation levels are based on role and customer preferences.

For more information, see Workplace Analytics. To learn more about how to use Workplace Analytics, see Workplace Analytics documentation.

Licensing requirements

Exchange Online Plan 1 or Plan 2 is a prerequisite.