Handling webhook validation requests

When a new subscription is created, OneDrive will validate the webhook URL supports receiving webhook notifications. This validation is performed during the create subscription request. The subscription will only be created if your service responds correct.

When a new subscription is created, OneDrive will POST a request to the registered URL in the following format:

Example validation request

POST https://contoso.azurewebsites.net/your/webhook/service?validationToken={randomString}
Content-Length: 0


For the subscription to be created successfully, your service must respond to this request by returning the value of the validationToken query string parameter as a plain-text response.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: text/plain


If your application returns a status code other than 200 or fails to respond with the value of the validationtoken parameter, the request to create a new subscription will fail.