Code Rebel Customer Case Study

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"Licensing RDP allowed us to tap into an existing global ecosystem that previously was unattainable. The discovery of this new ecosystem was monumental in our success, and would not have been possible without Microsoft Open Specifications." -Arben Kryeziu, CEO/CTO

Code Rebel, LLC

Number of Employees: 9

Number of Developers: 4

Country or region: USA

Industry: Terminal Services

The Company

Founded in 2006, Code Rebel is an innovative software development company with two remote access software applications: iRAPP and iRAPP Terminal Server. The iRAPP application, "interactive Remote APPlication," is a remote access software suite that allows users to work seamlessly and simultaneously on both PC and Mac.

The Business Problem

As owners of a web design company, Code Rebel needed a way to blend a PC and a Mac to test their sites and applications on both platforms without the hassle of having two computers, two mice, and two keyboards.

Code Rebel created a simple application allowing users to access a Mac from their PC, creating a blended environment. Realizing this was a problem not unique to their own company, they turned their internal solution into a full product suite to make it available for other companies.

Code Rebel's Solution

iRAPP cohesively merges the OS X desktop into the Microsoft Windows desktop environment. This organically-grown product suite is fully based on customer feedback, feature requests, and real world usage.

The iRAPP Terminal Server solution allows multiple users to use one Mac simultaneously. By installing the iRAPP client or any standard compliant Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client, users can access the terminal services of a Mac system, delivering a Mac desktop to a PC user without additional hardware, training or orientation. Users gain the ability to integrate Mac software into a Windows based IT infrastructure.

Application Based on OS

iRAPP and iRAPP TS clients run on all Windows platforms.

Microsoft Open Specifications Implementation Details

Code Rebel implemented the Remote Desktop Protocol. Microsoft's RDP, in addition to Code Rebel's own iRAPP protocol, allows any RDP compliant system or software to utilize the iRAPP server solution. Using the online documentation for the protocol, Code Rebel implemented the enhanced solution within a six month period without any critical release delays.

Value to Business

Prior to implementing RDP, Code Rebel was seeking a direction for the feature they had created. Microsoft RDP not only solved the issue of sales and market, but also gave Code Rebel a better understanding of the customer and their implementation requirements.

Using RDP, Code Rebel was able to turn an internally developed feature into a full product suite allowing the launch of a successful new business line.


The RDP protocol is used worldwide as one of the core elements of IT infrastructure for enterprises both large and small. By implementing RDP, Code Rebel was able to access this ecosystem, allowing their iRAPP and iRAPP TS products to conform to the environment without the need for extensive configurations or explanations, and free of interference and integration issues.

Since implementing the Microsoft RDP protocol, Code Rebel has been able to tap into an expanded ecosystem of companies, allowing them to not only broaden their marketplace, but gain deeper insight into the market's needs, wishes, and future trends.

Level of Satisfaction with Microsoft Support

"We are still in awe with how detailed and outstanding the online protocol documentation was—it was just like a manual that provided us all the pieces we needed for the implementation process," says Arben Kryeziu. "Code Rebel appreciated the knowledge and responsiveness of the Open Specifications Support Team, and we felt the whole process—licensing through implementation—couldn't be more simple and straightforward."

Code Rebel iRAPP on Mac screen shot