Interoperability Test Tools

Microsoft offers the following interoperability testing opportunities and support to assist developers who are implementing the Microsoft Open Specifications:

If you have questions about these opportunities or are interested in additional interoperability tests and tools, the Interoperability Test Team is available to work with you to identify those tests and tools that will meet your specific needs.

Microsoft Protocol Test Suites

Originally developed for in-house testing of the Microsoft Open Specifications, the Microsoft Protocol Test Suites (Test Suites) have been used extensively during Plugfests and interoperability labs to test partner implementations. They evaluate whether a protocol implementation meets certain interoperability requirements. Test Suites do not cover every protocol requirement and in no way certify an implementation, even if all tests pass. However, each Test Suite provides users with a useful indication of interoperability. In addition, the Test Suites can be extended and integrated, because we've included the source code.

The following Microsoft Protocol Test Suites are available on GitHub and may be used by anyone (for details, see the end user license agreement for each Test Suite). Both require the Protocol Test Framework (PTF).

Plugfests and Events

Microsoft offers developers the opportunity to learn more about specific protocols and to test their implementations of those protocols at these Microsoft-campus group events. Plugfests include one-on-one discussions with Microsoft engineers and the use of protocol test suites that help evaluate whether an implementation's protocol communications conform to the relevant Microsoft Open Specifications. File format events offer tools to verify the interoperability of file format implementations.

Interoperability Labs

Microsoft offers interoperability labs for Open Specifications developers who are facing unique technical issues. Interoperability lab participants engage in focused one-on-one testing sessions in the Microsoft Enterprise Engineering Center, a world-class interoperability lab on the Redmond campus.  This highly-customized interaction allows attendees to dive deeply into their implementations by taking advantage of the latest and best hardware and extensive access to Microsoft engineers to build and run test cases in a variety of different scenarios to validate their implementations and quickly work through any issues.

Testing in this facility requires extensive setup and resources, and therefore customer-specific interoperability labs are scheduled based on lab availability.  Space is limited and priority will be given to companies who hold licenses through one of the Microsoft Open Specifications Programs.

For more details about working with Microsoft engineers at an interoperability lab, please contact the Interoperability Test Team.