RFC Reference: N/A

Number of Instances Allowed: 0, 1

Format: Boolean ([RFC2445] section 4.3.2)

Brief Description: Specifies whether an appointment is intended to be treated as all-day.

Importing to Calendar objects

If this property is set to TRUE and if DTSTART and DTEND are both specified as local times falling at midnight in their respective<206> time zones, then this appointment SHOULD<207> be imported as an all-day appointment. Specifically, PidLidAppointmentSubType SHOULD<208> be set to 0x00000001 and PidLidAppointmentStartWhole and PidLidAppointmentEndWhole SHOULD<209> be set to fall on midnight of the current system time zone (in UTC).

Exporting from Calendar objects

This property SHOULD NOT<210> be exported. Section specifies how to correctly export all-day events.