Property: X-ALT-DESC

RFC Reference: N/A

Number of Instances Allowed: 0+

Format: Text ([RFC2445] section 4.3.11)

Brief Description: Provides an alternate format for the DESCRIPTION property (an HTML body).

Importing to Calendar objects

If the FMTTYPE parameter is 'text/HTML', then the HTML SHOULD<204> be converted to encapsulated RTF as specified in [MS-OXRTFEX] and stored in PidTagRtfCompressed, as specified in [MS-OXRTFCP].

If the FMTTYPE parameter is absent or undocumented, then the X-ALT-DESC property SHOULD be ignored.

Exporting from Calendar objects

PidTagRtfCompressed SHOULD<205> be converted to HTML and exported as an X-ALT-DESC property with a FMTTYPE parameter of 'text/HTML'.