2.1.2 1Table Stream or 0Table Stream

Either the 1Table stream or the 0Table stream MUST be present in the file. If the FIB at offset 0 in the WordDocument stream has base.fWhichTblStm set to 1, this stream is called 1Table. Otherwise, it is called 0Table. 

If the document is encrypted as specified in section 2.2.6, this stream MUST have an EncryptionHeader at offset 0, as specified in section 2.2.6. If the document is not encrypted, this stream has no predefined structure. Other than the possible EncryptionHeader, this stream contains the data that is referenced from the FIB or from other parts of the file.

This documentation refers to this stream as the Table Stream.

If a file contains both a 1Table and a 0Table stream, only the stream that is referenced by base.fWhichTblStm is used. The unreferenced stream MUST be ignored.

The Table Stream MUST NOT be larger than 0x7FFFFFFF bytes.