Doc Flags

Doc Flags is a 4-byte unsigned integer bit mask that provides metadata about the document, which can have one or more flags set. The values of the Doc Flags bits are specified as follows.




This document contains dynamic content to be sent through the CAML interpreter, an implementation-specific dynamic content generation component. An example of this would be a category Web bot present in the source of the page.


The document is a "sub image" of another document. This is set if this document is an automatically generated thumbnail or web image based on another item in the store.


The document is a type for which there was a registered parser available at the time it was saved. A parser is an implementation-specific component that can extract data and metadata from a document, which can then be used to build a list of hyperlinks and fields for content types.


The document is a type that can contain hyperlinks.


The document has an associated resource in the "_private" folder that is renamed in parallel when this file is renamed. An example of this is the count file for a hit counter Web bot.


The document is currently checked out to a user.


The document is unghosted.


The document is a page which contains a personalized view (showing Web Parts that are specific to the user that browsed to the page).


The document is a type that can have a binary stream.


The document is currently checked out to a location on the user's client system.


The document has child documents created by the document transformations feature.


The document is only a namespace entry for a list item (that is, it corresponds to an item in a non-document library list that is filtered out from file system–centric enumerations).




The document has properties in its metainfo defining a custom order of the content types. This is only valid for folders.


The document MUST be unghosted when "undirtied" (that is, when dependency updates are performed for the document). This is used for documents such as a document library template, which is provisioned as ghosted but ought to be unghosted to demote content type information on the containing document library whenever that information is updated.


Used when a 0-byte document is saved to a document library with required check out and at least one required field (2). This is common in migration scenarios or with the use of older versions of the Windows WebDAV redirector against the Windows SharePoint Service WebDAV implementation.


Currently unused and MUST be ignored.