F031-19, REVOKE statement: RESTRICT clause


The specification states the following:

 Subclause 12.7, "<revoke statement>": With a <drop behavior> of RESTRICT, only where the use of this statement can be restricted to the owner of the table being dropped
 <revoke statement> ::=
 <revoke privilege statement>
 | <revoke role statement>
 <revoke privilege statement> ::=
 REVOKE [ <revoke option extension> ] <privileges>
 FROM <grantee> [ { <comma> <grantee> }... ]
 [ GRANTED BY <grantor> ]
 <drop behavior>
 <revoke role statement> ::=
 REVOKE [ ADMIN OPTION FOR ] <role revoked> [ { <comma> <role revoked> }... ]
 FROM <grantee> [ { <comma> <grantee> }... ]
 [ GRANTED BY <grantor> ]
 <drop behavior>
 Subclause 11.2, "<drop schema statement>":
 <drop behavior> ::=

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 vary as follows:

Transact-SQL does not support this feature. The REVOKE statement exists in Transact-SQL, but the statement does not support the RESTRICT keyword.