E152-02, SET TRANSACTION statement: READ ONLY and READ WRITE clauses


The specification states the following:

 Subclause 17.2, "<set transaction statement>":
 with <transaction access mode> of READ ONLY or READ WRITE
 <set transaction statement> ::=
 SET [ LOCAL ] TRANSACTION <transaction characteristics>
 Subclause 17.3, "<transaction characteristics>":
 <transaction characteristics> ::=
 [ <transaction mode> [ { <comma> <transaction mode> }... ] ]
 <transaction mode> ::=
 <isolation level>
 | <transaction access mode>
 | <diagnostics size>
 <transaction access mode> ::=

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 vary as follows:

Transact-SQL does not support this feature. Transact-SQL does not support transaction access modes, but equivalent functionality is available by using permissions.

See [ISO/IEC9075-1:2011] for the definition of "transaction".