T461, Symmetric BETWEEN predicate


The specification states the following:

 Subclause 8.3, "<between predicate>":
 <between predicate> ::=
 <row value predicand> <between predicate part 2>
 <between predicate part 2> ::=
 <row value predicand> AND <row value predicand>
 Conformance Rules
 Without Feature T461, "Symmetric BETWEEN predicate", conforming SQL language shall not contain SYMMETRIC or ASYMMETRIC.
 NOTE — Since <between predicate> is an ordering operation, the Conformance Rules of Subclause 9.14, "Ordering operations", also apply.
 Subclause 9.14, "Ordering operations":
 Conformance Rules
 Without Feature S024, "Enhanced structured types", in conforming SQL language, the declared type of an operand of an ordering operation shall not be ST-ordered.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 vary as follows:

Transact-SQL does not support this feature.