F051-03, TIMESTAMP data type (including support of TIMESTAMP literal) with fractional seconds precision of at least 0 and 6


The specification states the following:

 Subclause 5.3, "<literal>": The <timestamp literal> form of <datetime literal>, where the value of <unquoted timestamp string> is simply <time value> that does not include the optional <time zone interval>
 <timestamp literal> ::=
 TIMESTAMP <timestamp string>
 <timestamp string> ::=
 <quote> <unquoted timestamp string> <quote>
 <time zone interval> ::=
 <sign> <hours value> <colon> <minutes value>
 <time value> ::=
 <hours value> <colon> <minutes value> <colon> <seconds value>
 Subclause 6.1, "<data type>": The TIMESTAMP <datetime type> without the <with or without time zone> clause
 <datetime type> ::=
 | TIMESTAMP [ <left paren> <timestamp precision> <right paren> ]...
 Subclause 6.31, "<datetime value expression>": 
 For values of type TIMESTAMP
 <datetime value expression> ::=
 <datetime term>
 | <interval value expression> <plus sign> <datetime term>
 | <datetime value expression> <plus sign> <interval term>
 | <datetime value expression> <minus sign> <interval term>

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 vary as follows:

Transact-SQL does not support this feature. The Transact-SQL timestamp data type is different from the timestamp data type that is defined in [ISO/IEC9075-2:2011]. See the datetime2 data type [MSDN-datetime2] for equivalent functionality.