The LDAP_SERVER_PERMISSIVE_MODIFY_OID control is used to modify the behavior of an LDAP modify operation. An LDAP modify operation normally returns an error if it attempts to add an attribute that already exists on an object to that object (or, in the case of multivalued attributes, it attempts to add a value that is already present in the attribute). An LDAP modify operation will also normally fail if it attempts to delete an attribute that does not exist on the specified object or that does not contain the value specified in the deletion request. With this control, adding a value to an attribute that already exists and already contains the value to be added will cause the server to return success even though no modification was actually performed by the server. Similarly, deletion of an attribute that does not exist or does not contain the specified value will return success.

When sending this control to the DC, the controlValue field of the Control structure is omitted. Sending this control to the DC does not cause the server to include any controls in its response.