This operation requests that the reference update task (see section be immediately performed on the DC. During the operation, if the referential integrity on any of the objects is found to be incorrect and it cannot be corrected, then the operation returns an error and does not process any of the remaining objects. This task runs periodically; on a correctly functioning DC, there is no need to run it explicitly. The requester must have the "DS-Check-Stale-Phantoms" control access right on the nTDSDSA object for the DC.

No action is taken if the Recycle Bin optional feature is not enabled and the operation is performed against a DC that does not own the Infrastructure Master FSMO.

No action is taken if the operation is performed against a DC that is a global catalog.

The type of modification can be add or replace, and the values specified in the LDAP modify operation do not matter.

The following shows an LDIF sample that performs this operation.

 changetype: modify
 add: checkPhantoms
 checkPhantoms: 1