1.3 Overview

With multiple possible transports for Connected Devices Platform V3 service, the protocol defines the discovery system to authenticate and verify users and devices as well as the message exchange between two devices. There will be user-intent to initiate discovery – where a device will listen to broadcasts and authorize device. This device becomes a client in our architecture and the discovered device becomes the host. When a connection is authorized, a transport channel is created between the client and host so that clients can start exchanging messages with the host.

Clients can launch URIs and build app services connections between hosts. The following diagram provides an overview of the app communication channels between two devices running the Connected Apps & Devices Platform.

Proximal Communication over CDP Protocol

Figure 1: Proximal Communication over CDP Protocol

Launch and Messaging between two devices can occur over proximal connections. Device B (target) acts as the host for the Launch or App Service which can accept incoming client connections from Windows, Android, or iOS devices (source).