This Transaction subcommand was introduced in the LAN Manager 1.0 dialect. This subcommand is deprecated. Clients can use either TRANS_WRITE_NMPIPE or TRANS_TRANSACT_NMPIPE.

The TRANS_RAW_WRITE_NMPIPE subcommand of the SMB_COM_TRANSACTION allows for a raw write of data to a named pipe. Raw writes to named pipes put bytes directly into a pipe in byte mode, regardless of whether it is a message mode pipe or byte mode pipe.

This method of writing data into a named pipe assumes that the data itself contains the message boundaries if the pipe is a message mode pipe. The operation can allow a single write to insert multiple messages.

This section covers the specific details of using the TRANS_RAW_WRITE_NMPIPE subcommand. For general information, see SMB_COM_TRANSACTION.<139>