This command was introduced in the LAN Manager 1.0 dialect.

The SMB_COM_TRANSACTION_SECONDARY command is used to complete a data transfer initiated by an SMB_COM_TRANSACTION Request.

For both the request and the response, the positions and lengths of the SMB_Data.Trans_Parameters and SMB_Data.Trans_Data fields are determined by the values of the SMB_Parameters.ParameterOffset, SMB_Parameters.ParameterCount, SMB_Parameters.DataOffset, and SMB_Parameters.DataCount fields. In addition, the SMB_Parameters.ParameterDisplacement and SMB_Parameters.DataDisplacement fields can be used to change the order in which subranges of bytes are transferred. Servers SHOULD transfer bytes in order and give precedence to SMB_Data.Trans_Parameters bytes. Clients SHOULD be prepared to reconstruct transaction SMB_Data.Trans_Parameters and SMB_Data.Trans_Data, regardless of the order or locations in which they are delivered.