The InstanceInfoData structure contains data related to persistent activations; that is, object activations in which the newly created object is immediately initialized with state from a previously persisted instance of the object. For more information, see [MSDN-COM], [MSDN-SS], and [MSDN-IPersistFile].

CLSID_InstanceInfo (see section 1.9) is used to identify this property in the CustomHeader.pclsid array.

 typedef struct tagInstanceInfoData {
   [string] wchar_t* fileName;
   DWORD mode;
   MInterfacePointer* ifdROT;
   MInterfacePointer* ifdStg;
 } InstanceInfoData;

fileName: This MAY contain a string to be used to initialize the object.<30>

mode: This MUST contain an implementation-specific value and MAY be ignored on receipt.<31>

ifdROT: The pointer MUST be set to NULL and MUST be ignored on receipt.

ifdStg: This MAY contain a marshaled OBJREF to be used to initialize the object.<32>