IObjectExporter::ServerAlive2 (Opnum 5)

The ServerAlive2 (Opnum 5) method was introduced with version 5.6 of the DCOM Remote Protocol. This method extends the ServerAlive method. It returns string and security bindings for the object resolver, which allows the client to choose the most appropriate, mutually compatible settings.

 [idempotent] error_status_t ServerAlive2(
   [in] handle_t hRpc,
   [out, ref] COMVERSION* pComVersion,
   [out, ref] DUALSTRINGARRAY** ppdsaOrBindings,
   [out, ref] DWORD* pReserved

hRpc:  This MUST specify an RPC binding handle as specified in [MS-RPCE] section

pComVersion: This MUST contain the COMVERSION of the object resolver; see section 2.2.11.

ppdsaOrBindings:  MUST contain the string and security bindings of the object resolver. The returned string bindings MUST NOT contain endpoints.

pReserved: MUST contain zero and MUST be ignored by the recipient.

When processing this call:

  • The object resolver MUST NOT check if the client has the permissions to make this call.

  •  The object resolver MUST return the object resolver COMVERSION and the DUALSTRINGARRAY containing its RPC bindings to the client.