2.2.2 DHCPv4 Option Code 43 (0x2B) - Vendor-Specific Information Option

DHCPv4 clients request vendor-specific options from the DHCPv4 server by including option code 43 in the Parameter Request List, as specified in [RFC2132] section 8.4.

DHCPv4 clients implementing this specification MUST also include a vendor-class identifier as described in section 2.2.3 in the DHCPv4. A Validating Server MAY include a vendor-class identifier when authorizing itself using Rogue Detection.

When a DHCPv4 message includes a Vendor Class Identifier with one of the values defined in section 2.2.3, the Vendor-Specific Information Option is defined to use the "Encapsulated vendor-specific options" format specified in [RFC2132] section 8.4. This specification defines the following encapsulated vendor-specific option codes.




Microsoft Disable NetBIOS Option (section


Microsoft Release DHCP Lease on Shutdown Option (section


Microsoft Default Router Metric Base Option (section


Rogue Detection Request Option (section


Rogue Detection Option (section

The ANDROID_METERED option is specified in section<2>

In addition, DHCPv4 clients that support NAP also use DHCPv4 vendor-specific options for exchanging NAP-specific information. For an overview of NAP and for more information, see [MS-DHCPN] and [TNC-IF-TNCCSPBSoH]. NAP utilizes vendor-specific options as defined in [MS-DHCPN] section 2.2.1.

For information about the format of DHCP Vendor Extensions, see [RFC2132] section 2 and [RFC3315] section 22.