2.7.1 StartImpersonation

The StartImpersonation abstract interface causes the underlying security infrastructure for a server role to use the supplied ImpersonationAccessToken for access checks on secured objects until either the EndImpersonation abstract interface is called or a further call to StartImpersonation is called with a new ImpersonationAccessToken. When the EndImpersonation abstract interface is called, the security infrastructure reverts to using the primary token (see [MSDN-ACCTOKENS]). The invocation of the StartImpersonation interface is the equivalent to supplying the ImpersonationAccessToken as the Token parameter to the Access Check Algorithm defined in section

See also [MS-RPCE], Abstract Interface RpcImpersonateClient (section and Abstract Interface RpcRevertToSelf (section, for RPC-specific versions of the impersonation abstraction, and [Tanenbaum] section 11.8, Security in Windows 2000.

 void StartImpersonation( 
   [in] Token ImpersonationAccessToken 

ImpersonationAccessToken: An authorization context token as specified in section 2.5.2.

This method has no return values.