Receiving an EfsRpcWriteFileRaw Message (Opnum 2)

The method EfsRpcWriteFileRaw is used to create an encrypted object on the server from the marshaled data provided by the client.

 long EfsRpcWriteFileRaw(
   [in] EFS_EXIM_PIPE* EfsInPipe

hContext: A context handle returned by the EfsRpcOpenFileRaw method, which MUST have been called with the CREATE_FOR_IMPORT flag.

EfsInPipe: A pipe structure. The pull procedure of this pipe is expected to provide the marshaled data. The structure of this marshaled data is specified in section 2.2.3.

Return Values: The server MUST return 0 if it successfully processes the message received from the client.

If called with a context handle that has not been obtained by calling EfsRpcOpenFileRaw with the CREATE_FOR_IMPORT flag set, the server MUST abort the operation. In this case, it SHOULD throw an RPC exception.

The server MUST read data from the pipe and write it to the object indicated by the context handle. If an error is encountered during the write, the server SHOULD throw an RPC exception.