5.3 NTFS Reserved File Names

NTFS uses a number of names as part of the file system internals. The names used by NTFS within the root directory are listed in the following table:




Master File Table (MFT) - an index of every file


A backup copy of the first 4 records of the MFT


Transactional logging file


Serial number, creation time, dirty flag


Attribute definitions


Contains the volume's cluster map (in-use vs. free)


Boot record of the volume


Lists bad clusters on the volume


Security descriptors used by the volume


Table of uppercase characters used for collating


A directory

An additional set of names are found in the system directory as follows:




Use for NTFS repair activity


Delete file name


Unique Ids given to every file


Quota information


Repair name


Repair log name


Reparse point information


Transactional NTFS resource manager metadata name


Transactional NTFS Old Page Stream, used to store data that has been overwritten inside a currently active transaction


Transactional NTFS


Transactional NTFS log