GET /authorize?response_type={response_type}&client_id={client_id}&state={state}&resource={resource}&domain_hint={domain_hint}&redirect_uri={redirect_uri} HTTP/1.1


When an OAuth 2.0 client requests authorization from an AD FS server (as specified in [RFC6749] sections 4.1 and 4.2), it MAY use the domain_hint query parameter. This query parameter provides a hint to the AD FS server about the backend authentication service the end user can log in to.

The AD FS server ignores this parameter unless its ad_fs_behavior_level is AD_FS_BEHAVIOR_LEVEL_2 or higher.

The following is an example of the domain_hint query parameter as it is being used.


The format for the domain_hint query parameter is as follows.

 String = *(%x20-7E)
 domain_hint = String