2.25.1 SummaryInformation

The SummaryInformation property set format, identified by FMTID_SummaryInformation ({F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}), represents generic properties  of a document. The properties specific to the SummaryInformation property set are specified in the following table. Except where otherwise stated, a SummaryInformation property set SHOULD have all of these properties, and SHOULD NOT have any other properties, except for the special properties specified in section 2.18.

 Property identifier



PIDSI_TITLE (0x00000002)

VT_LPSTR (0x001E)

The title of the document.

PIDSI_SUBJECT (0x00000003)

VT_LPSTR (0x001E)

The subject of the document.

PIDSI_AUTHOR (0x00000004)

VT_LPSTR (0x001E)

The author of the document.

PIDSI_KEYWORDS (0x00000005)

VT_LPSTR (0x001E)

Keywords related to the document.

PIDSI_COMMENTS (0x00000006)

VT_LPSTR (0x001E)

Comments related the document.

PIDSI_TEMPLATE (0x00000007)

VT_LPSTR (0x001E)

The application-specific template from which the document was created.


VT_LPSTR (0x001E)

The last author of the document.

PIDSI_REVNUMBER (0x00000009)

VT_LPSTR (0x001E)

An application-specific revision number for this version of the document.


VT_FILETIME (0x0040)

A 64-bit unsigned integer indicating the total amount of time that has been spent editing the document in 100-nanosecond increments. MUST be encoded as a FILETIME by setting the dwLowDataTime field to the low 32-bits and the dwHighDateTime field to the high 32-bits.


VT_FILETIME (0x0040)

The most recent time that the document was printed.


VT_FILETIME (0x0040)

The time that the document was created.


VT_FILETIME (0x0040)

The most recent time that the document was saved.


VT_I4 (0x0003)

The total number of pages in the document.


VT_I4 (0x0003)

The total number of words in the document.

PIDSI_CHARCOUNT (0x00000010)

VT_I4 (0x0003)

The total number of characters in the document.

PIDSI_THUMBNAIL (0x00000011)

VT_CF (0x0047)

Application-specific clipboard data containing a thumbnail representing the document's contents. MAY be absent.

PIDSI_APPNAME (0x00000012)

VT_LPSTR (0x001E)

The name of the application that was used to create the document.


VT_I4 (0x0003)

A 32-bit signed integer representing a set of application-suggested access control flags with the following values:

0x00000001: Password protected

0x00000002: Read-only recommended

0x00000004: Read-only enforced

0x00000008: Locked for annotations