3.1.3 Initialization

The server SHOULD listen on the well-known endpoints defined for this RPC interface in section 2.1.

The server MUST perform initialization according to the following rules, when calling an RPC notification method on the client:

  • Create an RPC binding handle to the server RPC endpoint (the client implements a server endpoint for this protocol in order to process notifications), or use an RPC context handle [C706].

  • Use RPC handles of the following types:

  • When creating the RPC binding handle on the named pipe \pipe\spoolss, the server MUST specify an ImpersonationLevel of 2 (Impersonation) ([MS-SMB2], section 2.2.13).

If Active Directory is available, the server SHOULD<237> perform according to the rules specified in section when starting additional initialization.

Both the server and the client MUST ignore all LDAP operation failures that occur during their initialization. For example, if LDAP initialization for one print queue fails, the server MUST ignore this failure and SHOULD continue to execute the remaining LDAP initializations for the remaining print queues.