Server Names

A Server Name is a string that contains the name of a print server. It MUST be a DNS, NetBIOS, IPv4, or Universal Naming Convention (UNC) name, or it MAY be an IPv6 name.<225> An empty server name string is interpreted as identifying the server that the RPC server endpoint is bound to.

Server names MUST follow the SERVER_NAME pattern, which is defined as follows.

 SERVER_NAME = "\\" host "\" | ""

The SERVER_NAME_NE pattern is used where a non-empty server name is required and is defined as follows.

 SERVER_NAME_NE = "\\" host

An implementation can restrict the length of server name strings.<226>

For further information on DNS names, see [RFC819] section 2. Details about NetBIOS names are specified in [RFC1001] section 14. Details about basic notational conventions are specified in [RFC2616] section 2. The definition of host is specified in [RFC3986] section 3.2.2.