The following notation is used to describe how the hash values are constructed. All strings are converted from UTF-16 encoding to ISO 8859-1 Latin I code page ([MS-UCODEREF] section 2.2.1, Codepage ID 28591, and [MS-UCODEREF] section 2.2.2) prior to the hashing.



MD5(x, y, z)

An MD5 hash of the values x, y, z, in that order.

MD5(x, y)

An MD5 hash of the values x, y, in that order.


The uppercase version of the string as defined in the Unicode standard ([UNICODE3.1]).


The lowercase version of the string as defined in the Unicode standard ([UNICODE3.1]).


The sAMAccountName attribute value.


The name attribute of the account domain object.


The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the domain.

Hash1: MD5(sAMAccountName, NETBIOSDomainName, password)

Hash2: MD5(LOWER(sAMAccountName), LOWER(NETBIOSDomainName), password)

Hash3: MD5(UPPER(sAMAccountName), UPPER(NETBIOSDomainName), password)

Hash4: MD5(sAMAccountName, UPPER(NETBIOSDomainName), password)

Hash5: MD5(sAMAccountName, LOWER(NETBIOSDomainName), password)

Hash6: MD5(UPPER(sAMAccountName), LOWER(NETBIOSDomainName), password)

Hash7: MD5(LOWER(sAMAccountName), UPPER(NETBIOSDomainName), password)

Hash8: MD5(sAMAccountName, DNSDomainName, password)

Hash9: MD5(LOWER(sAMAccountName), LOWER(DNSDomainName), password)

Hash10: MD5(UPPER(sAMAccountName), UPPER(DNSDomainName), password)

Hash11: MD5(sAMAccountName, UPPER(DNSDomainName), password)

Hash12: MD5(sAMAccountName, LOWER(DNSDomainName), password)

Hash13: MD5(UPPER(sAMAccountName), LOWER(DNSDomainName), password)

Hash14: MD5(LOWER(sAMAccountName), UPPER(DNSDomainName), password)

Hash15: MD5(userPrincipalName, password)

Hash16: MD5(LOWER(userPrincipalName), password)

Hash17: MD5(UPPER(userPrincipalName), password)

Hash18: MD5(NETBIOSDomainName\sAMAccountName, password)

Hash19: MD5(LOWER(NETBIOSDomainName\sAMAccountName), password)

Hash20: MD5(UPPER(NETBIOSDomainName\sAMAccountName), password)

Hash21: MD5(sAMAccountName, "Digest", password)

Hash22: MD5(LOWER(sAMAccountName), "Digest", password)

Hash23: MD5(UPPER(sAMAccountName), "Digest", password)

Hash24: MD5(userPrincipalName, "Digest", password)

Hash25: MD5(LOWER(userPrincipalName), "Digest", password)

Hash26: MD5(UPPER(userPrincipalName), "Digest", password)

Hash27: MD5(NETBIOSDomainName\sAMAccountName, "Digest", password)

Hash28: MD5(LOWER(NETBIOSDomainName\sAMAccountName), "Digest", password)

Hash29: MD5(UPPER(NETBIOSDomainName\sAMAccountName), "Digest", password)