The SAMPR_LOGON_HOURS structure contains logon policy information that describes when a user account is permitted to authenticate.

 typedef struct _SAMPR_LOGON_HOURS {
   unsigned short UnitsPerWeek;
   [size_is(1260), length_is((UnitsPerWeek+7)/8)] 
     unsigned char* LogonHours;

UnitsPerWeek: A division of the week (7 days). For example, the value 7 means that each unit is a day; a value of (7*24) means that the units are hours. The minimum granularity of time is one minute, where the UnitsPerWeek would be 10080; therefore, the maximum size of LogonHours is 10080/8, or 1,260 bytes.

LogonHours: A pointer to a bit field containing at least UnitsPerWeek number of bits. The leftmost bit represents the first unit, starting at Sunday, 12 A.M. If a bit is set, authentication is allowed to occur; otherwise, authentication is not allowed to occur.

For example, if the UnitsPerWeek value is 168 (that is, the units per week is hours, resulting in a 21-byte bit field), and if the leftmost bit is set and the rightmost bit is set, the user is able to log on for two consecutive hours between Saturday, 11 P.M. and Sunday, 1 A.M.