Client Request Extensions

A TRANS2_FIND_FIRST2 subcommand of SMB_COM_TRANSACTION2 is sent by the client to retrieve an enumeration of files, as specified in [MS-CIFS] section

The list of valid Information Level values has been extended, as specified in section, to include SMB_FIND_FILE_ID_FULL_DIRECTORY_INFO and SMB_FIND_FILE_ID_BOTH_DIRECTORY_INFO. Extensions are also presented to the SMB_FIND_FILE_BOTH_DIRECTORY_INFO Information Level, as specified in section This Information Level now provides support for accessing enumerations of available previous version timestamps of files or directories.

Aside from the Information Level extensions and the FileName field, all of the other fields are as specified in [MS-CIFS]


FileName (variable): This field is extended to support use of the @GMT token wildcard (section<57> If this character sequence contains the @GMT-* wildcard, Trans2_Data.InformationLevel SHOULD be set to SMB_FIND_FILE_BOTH_DIRECTORY_INFO.<58>


InformationLevel (2 bytes): This field contains an Information Level code, which determines the information contained in the response. The list of valid Information Level codes is specified in section A client that has not negotiated long names support MUST request only SMB_INFO_STANDARD. If a client that has not negotiated long names support requests an InformationLevel other than SMB_INFO_STANDARD, then the server MUST return a status of STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER (ERRDOS/ERRinvalidparam).