3.2.5 Message Processing Events and Sequencing Rules

This section uses both IDL and bit-diagrams to specify syntax. Types and structures defined in IDL syntax are marshaled as specified in [C706] section 14. All fields in bit-diagrams are marshaled using little-endian byte ordering unless otherwise stated. In both IDL and bit-diagrams, all extra padding bytes MUST be zero unless otherwise stated and MUST be ignored upon receipt.

Except where otherwise specified, the Task Scheduler Remoting Protocol uses the UTF-16LE Unicode encoding [UNICODE] for all string values, including all string constants appearing in this specification.

This section specifies how the server processes Net Schedule (ATSvc), Task Scheduler Agent (SASec), and Task Remote Protocol (ITaskSchedulerService) interface method calls.

Most methods have many possible error returns. In cases where more than one error applies, the server processing order specified here is not meant to constrain an implementation's choice of error code.