Computers in Active Directory Domain

The server uses the MAC address or the client machine GUID to find the computer object in Active Directory Domain for each client. The server uses the LDAP search filter as follows to search for the computer object for the client machine.

(&(objectClass=Computer)(|(netbootGUID=<MAC Address>)(netbootGUID=<client machine GUID>)))

If more than one matching computer object is found, the server uses the first matching computer object.

MachineName: Any dollar sign characters at the end of the value for samAccountName attribute are removed, and the resulting value is used as machine name for the client machine.

netbootMirrorDataFile: This attribute is used to store multiple values in the following format:

<key-1>=<value-1>; <key-2>=<value-2>;...; <key-N>=<value-N>;

DeploymentAgentUnattend: Specifies the relative path to the file containing unattended instructions for deployment agent. The value is stored in netbootMirrorDataFile attribute using the WdsUnattendFilePath key. If the key is missing from netbootMirrorDataFile, or the value is set to an empty string, then it MUST be treated as if there is no unattended instruction for the deployment agent.

JoinDomain: Specifies whether the client machine MUST join an Active Directory domain. The value is stored in the netbootMirrorDataFile attribute using the DomainJoin key. The value is a numeric value which is set to zero to indicate that the client machine MUST NOT join the Active Directory domain; a nonzero value indicates that the client machine MUST join the Active Directory domain. If this key is missing from the netbootMirrorDataFile attribute, it MUST be treated as being set to a nonzero value.